Attendance Policy

All students are expected to be in attendance each day school is in session. Following any absence, a student is required to present a written document from the parent or guardian stating the date of the absence(s), the reason for the absence(s), and the signature of the parent or guardian. The excuse should be presented within two days of the child’s absence(s), otherwise the absence will be recorded as unlawful. For perfect attendance purposes, a child must be in school at least half of the school day (3 ½ hours). It is the parents’ or guardians’ responsibility to call after-school day care centers if their child is absent from school. Vacations/trips are unexcused.

Lawful Absences: 1. Serious, chronic, or extended illness of the student. 2. Serious illness or death in the immediate family. 3. Recognized religious holiday for the students of the particular religious faith when pre-arranged.

Unlawful Absences: Any absence by a student with or without the knowledge of the parent not meeting one of the conditions for an excused absence as defined above will count toward the cumulative limit of absences. Written notification will be sent by the school when a student has accumulated absences. When a child accumulates five absences that are unlawful or not excused by a medical note, parents will be required to attend an attendance intervention (truancy) conference and assist the principal or his designee in the development of an attendance intervention plan. Excessive absences could result in a family court referral. The school will only accept a parent written excuse for five total days of absences.

Early Dismissal: A parent, guardian, or an adult acting with the consent of the parent or guardian that is on the white information sheet must come to the office and sign out the student on a form provided by each school. The form shall show the date and time the student is dismissed. Only the principal or his/her designee shall have the authority to grant permission for early dismissal from school. Students are not dismissed between 1:10 and 1:40.

Tardies: Instruction for the school day starts at 7:35 AM. Students who arrive late not only miss valuable class time, but they also disrupt the classroom. Students who arrive on late buses will not be considered tardy. Adult supervision and the Safety Patrol duties end at the car drop off at 7:35 each morning, so they can participate with instruction. Students arriving after 7:35 must be walked to the door by a parent or care-giver to insure safety. Please ring the bell for assistance with signing in late. Tardies can result in a student with perfect attendance missing the perfect attendance recognition. Excessive tardiness will also result in a parent conference to set up an attendance intervention plan that is consistent with the district’s truancy plan.

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